Just when you thought football season was over, along comes Battle of The Chefs at Nero Nero!

Join us to savour the best of Italy from top to bottom, this 3rd - 5th August. Both Chefs, our very own Giuseppe Lioce and visiting Chef Jacopo Avigo of Sorriso Italian restaurant at Marriott Suites Pune will be preparing a stellar menu of Most Valuable Player dishes to delight you. It's will be like nothing you have experienced before at Nero Nero and that's not even mentioning the futsal match our Chefs have in store! A friendly rivalry to be witnessed (and savoured), indeed.

There is no better time to drop by, be it your first time with us or as a frequent or returning treasured guest.

Check out a preview of what you can expect on the menu, right below. Buon Appetito, naturally.

3rd-5th August, 2018


Baccala Mantecato (North)
Pre-washed Stoccafisso slow-cooked with plum tomatoes from Nice, herbs & served with soft polenta
Cozze alla Tarantina (South)
Imported Italian mussels, sautéed in a rich sauce of garlic, ground black pepper,
fresh parsley & tomato sauce. Served in a pan with garlic crostini
Soufflé di Zucca Con Cuore Al Taleggio (North)   Vegetarian
A creamy, soft pumpkin soufflé filled with melted Taleggio cheese.
Served with amaretto & spinach leaf
Focaccia Sapori del Sud (South)   Vegetarian
A 42-hour fermented pizza base topped with fresh burrata, friarelli (Italian turnip),
basil oil, fresh oregano & cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
Tartare di Manzo Affumicata (North) 
Hand-cut & chopped filet of beef, seasoned with anchovies, capers, onion, egg yolk,
smoked and served with gorgonzola cream & polenta chips
Panzerotti Con Carne (South) 
Typical Pugliese-style fried calzone, stuffed with mozzarella, tomato, beef mince, 
in a Caciocavallo cheese fondue & bell pepper sauce
Tortelloni al Brasato (North) 
Marinated beef slow-cooked with celery, carrot, onion & red wine,
then pulled and tossed in a tortelloni pasta with butter & sage
Orecchiette al Ragu (South)
Typical Pugliese home-made orecchiette pasta in a slow-cooked lamb ragout,
finished with pecorino cheese & ground black pepper
Pici Agli Scampi (North) 
Renowned Northern Pici hand-made pasta, served with
a sauce of scampi (langoustine), cherry tomato confit & shallot cream
Cavatelli alla Marinara (South)
Home-made cavatelli pasta typical of South Italy,
cooked in white wine sauce, bisque, calamari, clams & prawns
Strangolapreti (North)   Vegetarian  
Classic Northern gnocchi shapes made of bread,
spinach and cheese, served with parmesan cheese and truffle
Sciallatielli alla Puttanesca (South)   Vegetarian
Home-made basil-flavoured mini pappardelle pasta - Amalfi coast-style - cooked in onion, chilli,
cherry tomato sauce, brown Puglia olives & capers. Garnished with panatura (fried breadcrumbs and garlic)
Stinco d’Agnello alla Bresciana (North)
Slow-cooked lamb shank in red wine, cinnamon, cloves, star anise
served with soft polenta & port wine onion
Bombette Pugliese (South)
Veal fillet stuffed with provolone cheese, thyme & rosemary
then cooked in a Pugliese chardonnay sauce
and served with asparagus & mashed potato
San Pietro alla Milanese (North) 
Imported St. Peter fish, seasoned then breaded with eggs & breadcrumbs
and slow-cooked in butter until perfectly golden.
Served with sautéed spinach, grilled tomatoes & pickled cucumber
Calamari Ripieni (South) 
Calamari stuffed with garlic breadcrumbs, Italian herbs, green peas.
Served on a base of mashed chickpea, sundried tomato & black olives
Casta Cheesecake (North)   Vegetarian  
Chestnut cheesecake served with wine brulee sauce
Torta di Rose (North)   Vegetarian  
A classic Northern rose-shaped cake
served with a rich pear, chocolate & grappa sauce
Calzoncelli (South)   Vegetarian
A mini ‘dumpling’ of olive oil dough & white wine,
stuffed with almond marzipan and served with lemon custard
Bocconotti (South)   Vegetarian
A typical Pugliese mini pie stuffed with sheep ricotta
and chocolate. Served with limoncello custard